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Kent Agri Lab is a Canadian Food Inspection Agency accredited seed testing facility. Our staff includes accredited germination analysts, Senior Analysts (Full Purity), Seed Import Conformity Assessors (SICA), and Grader Accreditations for All Crop Kinds.Import conformity reports are issued within one business day of receipt to aid our clients in distribution efficiencies.Kent Agri Lab’s ISO business metrics state that samples received at the Lab are set within one business day and test results are released within one business day of reading. We have successfully maintained a positive rating of 99%.

Client Specific Testing

Kent Agri Lab will work closely with you to provide testing packages that meet your specific needs and protocol. These packages are designed around your unique quality assurance parameters and are reported in a manner that best suits your requirements. Information is released only as directed.

All quality tests designed and/or client procedures received will be considered the property of the client and all information will remain confidential. For more information on Kent Agri Lab’s privacy code, please feel free to contact our office.


Sample Submission Form
Electronic Packing Slip
Electronic packing slip provided for customer convenience and avoiding transposing errors
Declaration of Sampler
Completed form is required for Exporting Seed to the United States.
Sample Weights Required
Weight requirements for submitting samples

Special requests are welcomed at Kent Agri Lab.

Kent Agri Lab offers the following:

  • Seed Quality Assessment
  • Germinations
  • Purity Analysis
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Tetrazolium Test (TZ)
  • Seed Treatment
  • Seed Counts/Moisture
  • Seed Analysis Certificates (APHIS, PPQ925)
  • Trait/Herbicide Tolerance Testing
  • Export Grain Analysis/Phytosanitary (REGAL) Program

Testing as per:

  • Canadian Methods and Procedures
  • AOSA
  • ISTA

Client Specific Testing

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